How New Zealand Post is Helping Kiwis Grow Ecommerce Business in 2022?

Kiwis are experiencing a boom in online retail sales both from the rapid adaptation of ecommerce needs from the global pandemic, and because more and more providers are broadening their offerings. Businesses made significant changes to how they operate by focusing more on the customer experience, automation of certain processes, and improving the shipping and tracking of packages to buyers worldwide. Luckily, New Zealand Post has been there to help handle this increase in logistics. 

NZ Post is the leading parcel delivery, shipping, and tracking provider around New Zealand. They have been expanding services to handle the increase in ecommerce activity. With more than 66% of online retailers anticipating greater sales demands in the coming years, it only makes sense that NZ Post has implemented improvements to handle the increase in delivery expectations. 

Today’s consumer wants more convenience in their online experience. They want to be able to click on a button and know the product they ordered will be delivered on time to the correct address as soon as possible. Around half of all shoppers complain the most about delivery delays, with another third wishing their favourite online retailers wouldn’t run out of stock as quickly as they do. 

New Zealand Post has solutions for all these issues with responsive services for delivery, logistics, and management of an online store’s shipping needs. That includes using contactless services for those clients that prefer a safer experience while getting their favourite items, from cat food to custom drone parts. 

With New Zealand Post, customers are treated to: 

  • Easy redirection of parcels in transit
  • Special instructions for leaving parcels (backdoor, porch, garage, etc.)
  • Clean and safe packaging 
  • Easy calculations of shipping fees
  • And more!


Why Choose WooCommerce if You are Planning to Sell Online?

With New Zealand Post offering so many beneficial services to the essential logistics of an ecommerce storefront, it only makes sense to use a platform that integrates well with the shipping powerhouse. 

 WooCommerce is a free, open-source plugin that you can use to convert your WordPress-based website into a powerful online store. Since 2011, customers of WooCommerce have leveraged the easy-to-use platform for everything from selling digital ebooks to complete inventory control of a wholesaling company.

Part of the reason WooCommerce is so popular is the customization and smooth integrations with other third-party software and services. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses. You can choose from a wide array of aesthetic themes, subscriptions, templates, and more, including working directly with New Zealand Post for your shipping, tracking, and returns management. 

More than 5 million ecommerce stores worldwide are powered by WooCommerce. That is about 8.7% of the total websites on the internet, making the ecommerce platform a leading provider with more than 23% of the total retail market share. In 2019 alone, WooCommerce stores had an estimated $11.8 billion USD in gross merchandise volume. In the second quarter of 2022, Kiwis spent roughly $1.6 billion as part of this increase in online sales. 

How New Zealand Post Shipping for WooCommerce is the Best Option?

Now that you see how robust both New Zealand Post and WooCommerce are for the ecommerce industry, consider how these combined forces would improve your online store. With only a few clicks, you can enhance your capabilities and business processes using a smooth integrative tool like the New Zealand Post Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce by OPMC. 

Using this unique plugin allows you to provide the premium shipping services of the New Zealand Post with automated shipping rates. Customers will be able to view shipping options in NZ currency, weight, and time to receive their package without having to mess with complex calculators. Everything is streamlined for your WooCommerce shop, so the end customer experience is rewarding, encouraging shoppers to come back time and time again. 

All you need to get started is a valid NZ Post Account Number for your online store. Once you plug that into the plugin, you can offer NZ Post rates to your customers through the automated API. This will save you so much time and money from having to pay an in-house team to manage all your shipping and calculations. That way, you can spend more time focused on helping grow your ecommerce business and customer relationships. That includes:

  • Calculating local and international shipping based on NZ Post fees. 
  • Adding shipping & handling to any order. 
  • Quickly adjust price rates based on consumer demand or the unique challenges of your niche ecommerce business. 
  • Provide return options for customers. 
  • Specify size, weight, and priority shipping options. 


Best of all, you’ll be able to quickly create shipping labels and other services using your custom ecommerce business name and logo. That extends your branding into the shipping experience, which only improves your customer relationship and makes your name stick out in their memories. The more top of mind your ecommerce branding, the more likely you will get higher word-of-mouth marketing.  

Finally, your customers will get advanced tracking options to see where their recent purchases are in the supply chain so they can be there to open their desired package. 

Where to Get Started?

To take advantage of the New Zealand Post Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce, simply visit the website and integrate the plugin into your ecommerce store. This is a smooth and painless method of improving the automation of your business while also helping customers get the precise and personalized experience they wish. 

The online business space is wide open to Kiwis, and OPMC wants to provide the solutions needed to make the next decade an incredible one for everyone running an ecommerce business. Pick up the plugin today and add the power of New Zealand Post to your WooCommerce online store. 


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