9 Tips to Building a Fantastic YouTube Channel for Your Ecommerce Brand

Over 2.7 billion users flock to YouTube to watch everything from fixing a flat tire to the best new Amazon products for a birdcage. Online shopping is dominating the marketplace, and consumer demand is a high priority for any business hoping to secure a segment. As your brand grows in reach and value, you may want to consider a compelling presence on YouTube. This is a fantastic way to showcase how your ecommerce brand, products, and culture offer greater value to your target audience. A little video content now can be the difference between rapid future growth and stagnant online activity.

Why Get on YouTube?

You want to grow sales. There is no greater reason to create an ecommerce branded YouTube channel than to engage your audience in a new way using visual content. 

People want to feel close to your ecommerce brand. They want to hear reviews of your products, watch as items are unboxed, see behind the scenes of your operations, and feel an emotional connection to what you have to offer. 

YouTube experienced a $6.86 billion revenue growth from ads alone in Q1 of 2022. Why? Because that is when the platform announced they would launch “live shopping” from videos. Instead of having to flow through different links or locate your primary account description, viewers can simply click on the self-generated link on your video to go directly to a sales page. 

That is a game changer, and many other social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook are doing the same. If you don’t want to get lost in the mix, you need a branded YouTube channel. 

Tips for Building an Engaging eCommerce Brand YouTube Channel

#1 – Start with a Name

Your channel name is paramount. It’s akin to a digital storefront sign. It should be catchy, relevant to your niche, and unforgettable. There are over 114 million different YouTube channels out there, each doing all they can to garner attention. You need a name that stands out from this crowd but is still aligned with your ecommerce brand identity and SEO strategy. 

Do yourself a big favour and crowd-source this idea. Write down 10 options and then use your friends, coworkers, stakeholders, investors, and current audience to pick their top 1-2 names. That will make your life much easier. 

#2 – Completely Fill Out Your Profile

Think of your profile as the digital window into your online business. Ensure every aspect points back to your ecommerce brand. Link to your most crucial landing pages, optimise the ‘About Us’ section for both information and SEO, and remember, a little branding goes a long way.

Your YouTube channel is another opportunity to rank on Google. Go do a search for anything right now, and you’re bound to find the first 1-3 results from YouTube. This could be because YouTube is owned by Google, or because audiences prefer visual learning to reading. Either way, use it to your advantage.

#3 – Use Keywords Everywhere

YouTube isn’t exempt from SEO. Weaving keywords into your channel not only strengthens branding but also boosts discoverability. Whether it’s in your video titles, descriptions, or even the content itself, consistency in keyword use can enhance your channel’s visibility.

Remember, YouTube is a search engine and a social media platform. People have feeds just like they do for Facebook or TikTok. YouTube will not know where to place you in its ecosystem if you don’t have the proper keywords in the right places. 

Pro Tip: If you aren’t sure where to begin with keyword research and don’t want to outsource this item, start the “easy” way. Search for the type of video you want to post on YouTube and write down any of the keywords you see the top 5 results have in common. Select 10-15 of these and use them in your own post. 

#4 – Diversify Your Content Length

Quality engaging videos don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. Cater to a wider audience by offering both quick, informative short-form clips and comprehensive, in-depth longer videos. This diversity can help retain various segments of your audience.

Having different lengths allows you to create customised playlists for YouTube Shorts as well as longer videos for in-depth “how-tos” or “brand stories.” Plus, you can share your shortform videos across multiple other platforms without reinventing your content each time. 

#5 – Always Have a Hook

The initial seconds of your video are pivotal. Viewers decide quickly whether to stay or go. Craft a compelling script that captivates from the get-go, offering a taste of what’s to come, ensuring viewers remain glued.

Use emotional words associated with your ecommerce brand and the content you are writing. These should speak directly to your target audience’s needs. For example: 

  • Hey, California surfers, you’ve got to try this new board wax.
  • Are you looking for the latest drone tech on the market? Stop scrolling!
  • Take control of your hair loss with HIMs.
  • Imagine if driving a car was as comfortable as a visit to the spa.

#6 – Don’t Forget the Titles, Descriptions, and Tags

These are your video’s “shop window.” They’re paramount for discoverability. Infusing them with relevant keywords—including social media, online shopping, and more—can significantly boost the chances of your videos being found by the right audience.

Again, YouTube is a search engine. Even if your ecommerce Brand channel is expertly filled out, you don’t want to forget to complete the information for the individual video content you’ve worked so hard to produce, edit, and perfect. 

#7 – Use Compelling, Customised Thumbnails

Thumbnails are like book covers in a bookstore. They should encapsulate the essence of your video while being visually captivating. A custom thumbnail can significantly impact click-through rates, driving more views to your content.

Having the same form of thumbnail for your channel is perfectly okay. You can adjust them to fit the unique nature of each video, but with similar graphics that maintain your brand identity. 

#8 – Maintain Your eCommerce Brand Identity

A consistent brand image fosters trust. Every visual element should echo your eCommerce brand’s core identity, from colour schemes to logos. This consistency reassures viewers, fostering trust and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

You are building a long-term, emotional connection with your target audience. They need to feel wrapped in the warmth and familiar security of your brand whenever they land on your channel and engage with a YouTube video. 

#9 – Automate and Stay Consistent

The YouTube algorithm loves consistency. Tools exist to help schedule and automate uploads, ensuring you remain in the platform’s good books. Moreover, regularity helps set viewer expectations, building a loyal following over time.

There is a famous phrase in content creation: “rinse and repeat.” Once you have found a system that works – stick to it! People love to visit their favourite YouTube-branded channels when they know there’s an update around the corner. It is like waiting for a new TV episode before streaming. Build that anticipation by having a consistent schedule.


Embarking on a YouTube journey might seem overwhelming, but with strategic planning, the rewards can be immense. Integrate and cross-promote—be it embedding content on your website, sharing videos across social media, or even adding your channel link to email signatures. The digital realm thrives on interconnectedness.

As part of our commitment at OPMC to our valued clients, we want to point out one trick of the trade to help when you’re building your branded YouTube channel, and that is sales maps. You will need to adjust your content based on demand, and an easy way to see where your videos are resonating is our Live Sales Map for WooCommerce. You’ll be able to judge in real-time the power of your YouTube videos in conversions and who in the globe is most interested. That’s valuable insights for your brand! 


How much does it cost to build a YouTube channel?

Getting started on YouTube with a branded channel is 100% free. That is music to the ears for most startups. However, you can invest in quality editing software, video equipment, and PPC ads that can vary in expense.


How to get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube? 

Consistent, quality content is key. Use data analytics, follow the latest trends, and engage with keyword research to understand what your audience wants – then give that exact thing to them. Collaborate with other creators and cross-promote your YouTube channel, and you should see significant growth to that first critical 1,000 subscribers.


Is YouTube an effective way of marketing? 

Absolutely. With its vast user base, emphasis on visual content, and integration with online shopping, it’s a powerful tool for any brand looking to expand its market outreach. Video content is the leading way to engage audiences online. If you want a quick, easy, and cost-effective way of marketing, YouTube is the answer.

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