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If you’re a non-EU business selling physical goods to consumers in the EU, you are responsible to charge VAT on your sales and remit VAT to each country. It can be complicated to manage the VAT calculations and monthly filings to the various countries according to their regulations. VAT errors can incur penalties to your business, or even result in VAT due by your customer at delivery (which would certainly impact your customer relationships).

Are you tired of navigating the changing regulations surrounding VAT compliance? Your online store deserves better. Streamlining operations with the groundbreaking Taxamo Assure Magento Extension provides a simplified and automated way to complete VAT calculations and compliance.

Instead of wasting time refiling or double-checking current regulations, you get a VAT solution based on every customer’s unique location and the products already in their carts. It’s time to make VAT management much easier. It’s time for the Taxamo Assure Magento Extension.

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Get the Effortless VAT Compliance Your Magento Store Needs

The Taxamo Assure Magento extension is an essential business tool for streamlining the VAT collection process. To use it, download the free extension, sign up for your Taxamo account, and connect the two through your online store’s dashboard.

You’ll save valuable time and human resources without sacrificing essential EU regulatory compliance. All VAT calculations are managed in real time at the point of sale in the customer’s checkout process. That automation is your leverage to scaling your online business and growing revenue over time.

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Magento Extension Features:


  • Effortlessly integrate your Taxamo account with a simplified Magento extension.
  • Calculate location-based VAT at the point of sale in real-time.
  • Automate all filing and remittance concerns through Taxamo’s IOSS number.
  • Improve B2B transaction validation.
  • Receive customisable invoicing for your brand.
  • Centralised Taxamo Dashboard access for instant VAT reporting.


Why You Need the Taxamo Assure Magento Extension

Let’s face it: dealing with VAT collection in different currencies and EU locations is a massive headache. Every day, there seems to be a note about upcoming changes that can make your head spin.

The Taxamo Assure Magento Extension fully complies with EU regulations. It empowers your online store to manage all aspects of VAT compliance when importing low-value goods into the EU. With this powerful extension, you’ll say farewell to repetitive manual calculations as everything becomes quickly automated so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

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What the Taxamo Assure Magento Extension Provides


Simple Magento Integration

This unique Magento extension plugin was developed with complete automation and customer ease of use in mind. The goal is simple – ensuring you have all the support you need so VAT calculations become automated.

You get VAT compliance support with sales and refunds, ensuring accurate and instant VAT calculations your customers will appreciate.

Real-Time VAT Collection

With an active Taxamo account and the clean integration of the Taxamo Assure Magento Extension, all calculations are completed in real-time. Every VAT due per line item is processed at the point of sale.

Taxamo maintains compliance with local VAT rates based on the location of your target customer. That includes working with tax-inclusive and tax-exclusive pricing.

Automated Filing and Remittance

Anyone working in an online business understands the power of automation. The Magento extension uses Taxamo’s IOSS number, reducing your business’s back-office obligations and freeing up crucial human assets.

Just imagine all the time you’ll save redirecting your team members to improving customer relations, developing new products, and marketing your online brand.

B2B Transaction Validation

Worried about business-to-business transactions? Using the simplified Taxamo Assure Magento extension provides you with complete assurance your B2B transactions are compliant.

This integration works with the updated Taxamo system, meaning you always have accurate VAT exemptions and compliance, even in a B2B environment.

Customisable Invoicing

Maintaining your brand identity across all plugins, extensions, and third-party integrations is crucial to your online business’s success. Taxamo can generate and customise VAT invoices for every transaction.

In addition, you can work inside your Taxamo Dashboard to get instant reports on current VAT positions. That visibility offers more control over tax obligations, allowing you to plan and make well-informed decisions about your business future.

Powerful Security Inside Magento

The Taxamo Assure Magento Extension is built with the highest level of security. This ensures all your online customer transactions remain fully encrypted under a secure API connection.

Extra care was spent developing the extension inside Magento’s environment, painstakingly following the strictest security parameters so all customer data, transaction details, and generated reports remain safe from prying eyes.

Analytics and Currency Support

The Taxamo Assure Magento Extension supports multiple currencies. It is a leading tool for companies with international clientele, automatically calculating VAT in the relevant currency and streamlining the checkout process.

These transactions can be quickly accessed inside your Taxamo Dashboard. Such analytics are crucial to uncovering insights and tracking VAT payments, refunds, and overall compliance.

Benefits for Your Online Store Scalability

The Taxamo Assure Magento Extension scales alongside your business. Taxamo services back it and can oversee spikes in demand during heavy transaction periods like holidays and occasional sales.


The flexibility of the Magento extension plugin designed to work with Taxamo Assure is backed by the full support of experienced extension developers and Taxamo’s robust services. You can rest easy that there is an answer if you have a question about integration.

Regular Updates

Working with this automated Magento extension allows your online business to stay ahead of the curve. This update is continuously updated to fully comply with Magento operating suggestions, security concerns, and VAT regulations.



What is the Taxamo Assure Magento Extension?

This streamlined Magento extension simplifies VAT compliance for all UK-based Magento-based online storefronts and e-commerce brands. It automates VAT calculations, invoicing, and remitting sales within the EU, ensuring full compliance with current regulations.

How does the plugin work?

Once your Magento extension is connected to your Taxamo account, real-time VAT calculations are completed at the point of sale. Every per-line item is based on the customer’s location and the products inside their carts.

Do I need a Taxamo account to use this plugin?

Yes, while the Taxamo Assure Magento Extension is free, you will need a Taxamo account. Please visit the Taxamo website and create an account before downloading the streamlined Magento extension.

What happens if there are changes in VAT regulations?

All aspects of the Magento extension were developed alongside current Taxamo APIs. This means all updates completed by Taxamo are passed automatically into your VAT compliance systems, ensuring you are continuously updated with the latest regulations.

Ready to Take the Hassle Out of VAT Compliance?

Don’t waste your time or resources any longer with complex VAT compliance. Leave everything to Taxamo by setting up an account and downloading the Taxamo Assure Magento Extension. This automated solution is one of the best ways to streamline your online store’s operations.

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Support for this integration is available through Vertex. To open a support ticket, please email

Extension Documentation


Support for this integration is available through Vertex. To open a support ticket, please email

Non Adobe Marketplace Installation

  1. Navigate to the Tax folder in your website's file system, ie: Magento root folder > app > code > Taxamo > Tax. Then upload the Vertex Assure Magento zip file and extract the file on your server.
  2. Enter the following at command line to verify the extension is installed properly:
  3. bin/magento module:status Taxamo_Tax

  4. Enable the extension and clear static view files:
  5. bin/magento module:enable Taxamo_Tax --clear-static-content

  6. Register the extension:
  7. bin/magento setup:upgrade

  8. Recompile your project:
  9. bin/magento setup:di:compile

  10. Verify that the extension is enabled:
  11. bin/magento module:status Taxamo_Tax

  12. Clean the cache:
  13. bin/magento cache:clean


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Taxamo Assure by Vertex - Magento
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