WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Plugin

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Protect your WooCommerce store against fraud

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud assigns a score to orders as they are placed. The higher the score, the higher the risk of fraud.


Anti-Fraud Dashboard

Stay Vigilant with Anti-fraud Analytics with our Insightful Dashboard!

  • Discover recent fraudulent activities
  • Trends over a week
  • What’s going on with the latest orders
  • Emails blocked in 24 hours
  • PayPal accounts under verification
  • Complete unified information of fraudulent activities in one place.

WooCommerce Anti-fraud Plugin Features

WooCommerce Anti-fraud automatically rate each order

It automatically generates a score for each order based on several paramaters such as location, IP address and more. The higher the score, the more likely the order is to be fraudulent. The importance (weight) of risks can be customised via the plugin’s settings.

Automatically pause or cancel fraudulent orders

If an order’s fraud score exceeds a specific score, WooCommerce Anti-Fraud can automatically pause or cancel the order. This lets you review the order before it is completed.

Flag and detect suspicious email addresses in orders

Some email domains are more commonly associated with spam and fraudulence. WooCommerce Anti-Fraud lets you flag suspicious email addresses and domains. When a user places an order using one of these email addresses, the plugin can notify you, place the order on hold, or cancel it altogether.

Be alerted about orders from specific countries

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud lets you create a list of unsafe countries. When an order is placed from one of these countries, a warning will appear in the order’s score and description.

Detect multiple purchases from the same IP address

Multiple orders from the same IP address are one of the most common signs of fraud. WooCommerce Anti-Fraud detects orders from the same IP address, even if they are being sent to different addresses. 

Require PayPal verification

If an unverified PayPal account places an order through your store, Anti-Fraud will send them an email prompting them to verify. Once verification is complete, the order will be processed. 

Even more powerful features:

✔ Check if the order’s IP address matches the billing country.

✔ Customise how different fraud risks affect an order’s score.

✔ Disable risk calculations by setting risk weight to “0”.

✔ Detect if the order was placed through a proxy.

✔ Detect if it is a customer’s first order

✔ Blacklist fraudulent email addresses

✔ Auto-blacklist unsafe emails

✔ Whitelist safe email addresses

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