Purolator Shipping for WooCommerce

$99.00 / year

Purolator Shipping Method for WooCommerce

Calculate order shipping, track and follow up with Purolator Shipping Method from within your WooCommerce store

$99.00 / year

Key Plugin Features

Show an estimated delivery date:

You can choose to show customers the approximate delivery date of their order based on Purolator and handling time. The format and text for the delivery date are customizable. This delivery date is displayed next to the available Purolator shipping methods on checkout.

Pay part of the shipping fee

Increase conversions by offering to pay a percentage of the shipping fee for your customers. Enter a percentage and it will be subtracted from the total shipping costs.

Product handling time

You have the option to specify the handling time associated with your products. This handling time will affect the time shown for an order’s delivery date.

Add handling fees to orders

You have the option to add a handling fee to all orders through Purolator. Choose between an amount (eg. $2.50) or percentage (eg. 5%). You can choose to apply the handling fee to shipping rates rather than the product costs.

Require a signature

When enabled, Purolator will calculate the shipping cost of all orders with signatures included.

Auto-generate shipping labels

When this option is enabled, a shipping label will automatically be generated. A link will then be added to the WooCommerce order email.

Purolator Shipping meets WooCommerce

Easily integrate Purolator directly into your WooCommerce store. The Purolator plugin connects your store with the Purolator API, giving users realtime shipping calculations while checking out.

Purolator for WooCommerce gives accurate shipping calculation, saving you admin time and preventing any unexpewcted additional costs.

Send tracking links directly to your customers via email

Purolator’s tracking system gives your customers confidence and reassurance when they order.

Automatically send tracking links to customers so they can follow their order’s delivery journey.

Intuitive admin interface

Our new and improved admin features help you keep track of Purolator orders from the WooCommerce dashboard.

  • Easily print off Purolator labels in just a few clicks!
  • Track orders directly from the WooCommerce orders page
  • Easily manage and update order status