Dropshipping Chrome Browser Extension Version 1.8 is here!

Dropshipping Chrome Browser Extension Version 1.8 is here! With the following issues resolved for better optimal performance. Please update your Chrome Browser Extension to OPMC’s Latest version for more.


Optimising process of bulk upload 

Changes using async calls and reducing console logs have been put in place to better optimise uploading large amounts of bulk products in terms of speed and importing products to queue.



Imported price doesn’t match

When importing new products, both regular and sale prices are wrongly imported on the WooCommerce site and plugin. 

This has been resolved in Dropshipping Chrome browser Extension version 1.8. Please update your plugin to experience these changes. 



Product pictures import issues

Issues with CBE importing product pictures to WooCommerce for new products has now been resolved.



Want to Know More About WooCommerce Dropshipping Chrome Browser Extension?

The WooCommerce Dropshipping Chrome browser extension by OPMC works in conjunction with the WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin to allow you to add Dropshipping functionality for products fulfilled by AliExpress to your WooCommerce store.
It is easy to integrate and you can do the following operations:

  • Set profit margin
  • Search niche products
  • Add product individually
  • Add products in Bulk
  • Compare products
  • Make changes in description before sending it to your store from AliExpress.
  • See history of the product.
  • Check Reviews of Supplier
  • Import comments
  • Edit/remove Product pictures
    and much more!


Visit the extension page for more details and add WooCommerce Dropshipping Chrome Browser Extension to you Chrome Browser for easy AliExpress Dropshipping while using the WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin.


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