The Best WooCommerce Xero Integration Plugin from OPMC

When OPMC Australia first visited the idea of creating a plugin for Xero, we were inspired to look into an area where there was a lack of quality accounting WooCommerce integrations. It didn’t take long to see that WooCommerce needed a more robust solution for Xero cloud-based accounting than what was being offered.

WooCommerce is our passion, and we wanted to build tools to integrate it with accounting platforms like Xero. This way, we can help those starting out in e-commerce have just as much access to essential tools as veteran companies.

As we dug deeper into this subject, it became clear that there are a lot of valuable opportunities with Xero’s API integration options via WordPress that can help streamline and improve the accounting of your business. This is why OPMC of Australia developed our own solution between WooCommerce and Xero.

We have been a WooCommerce marketplace partner for years with a growing portfolio of successful plugins on the platform and available on our website. We wanted to offer a more cost-effective that provides all the functionality small businesses need to succeed. That is why we went with a $49/year price point to ensure more businesses can benefit from this excellent opportunity.

What is WooCommerce?


WooCommerce is a free and open-source plugin for WordPress that lets you create e-commerce websites with engaging product categories, point of sale marketing, and simplified sales systems. WooCommerce is a plugin for a WordPress website, a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to design, build, and control websites without needing any experience in web development.

WooCommerce gives owners of small businesses the tools they need to sell their products online. The primary benefit of WooCommerce is the inexpensive cost compared to other programs that offer similar capabilities. It also has a straightforward user interface for managing everything from inventory to sales projections to accounting.

One of the significant advantages of using WooCommerce over other systems is its ability to integrate easily with multiple third-party platforms such as accounting and ERP systems like Xero.

With a WooCommerce Website, You Get:


  • SEO-friendly tools to elevate your product listing and integrate with other WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO. This helps your inventory stand out from the competition.
  • Easy integration that works directly with data analytics and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Enhanced security to put your customer’s minds at ease with major processing providers like PayPal, Stripe, Square, and more.
  •  Dynamic pricing that takes all the guesswork out of shipping and fee processing based on your customer’s location.

What is Xero?


Xero is a cloud-based accounting system. That means it doesn’t require downloading or installing anything onto your computer, and data can be accessed from anywhere.

This allows you to connect your company’s bank accounts in real-time, which makes reconciling accounts a breeze. You can also easily set up automatic feeds for frequent transactions.

Xero has many integrations with other apps (QuickBooks, Stitch Labs, Shopify), allowing you to sync information across multiple platforms. For example, if you use QuickBooks, there is a direct connector that will automatically pull all of your financial data into Xero and reconcile it to zero every month.

The interface is exceptionally user-friendly and intuitively designed. Even someone with no accounting experience should be able to navigate their way through most functions without too much trouble.

With Xero, You Get:

  • An easy-to-use system that allows you to connect your small business bank account with a customisable dashboard that saves you valuable time.
  • Customized reporting for end-of-year documentation and collaboration with advisors, CPAs, business partners, etc.
  • Multi-currency accounting helps you integrate with over 60 different currencies.
  • Unlimited users so your team can help manage your accounting from anywhere with internet access.

Why Do I Need a WooCommerce Xero Plugin?


At OPMC of Australia, we frequently handle challenges related to cross-platform integrations. We focus primarily on developing WooCommerce extensions and innovative WooCommerce plugins because they provide versatile tools for e-commerce and SMEs. That includes Xero accounting. It doesn’t matter if you are creating a side hustle or running a multi-national operation; you need solid accounting to avoid money management issues or tax errors.

Save Time and Money!

The point of our new cost-effective WooCommerce Xero Plugin is to save you time and money by automating various accounting tasks like taking payments, sending invoices, managing bank reconciliations, and much more. We want you to spend more time improving your customer touchpoints, digital marketing, and product development rather than constantly checking inventory counts.

Automatic Cron Jobs

We included features like digital triggers that process your Xero invoices and WooCommerce sales in the background. This completely eliminates the need to have someone enter in data at all hours of the day. It also drastically lowers the chance of human error, so you get accurate data in your reporting. This improves your future decision-making and allows you to respond to the market faster whenever a new trend or customer demand arises.

The whole point of running an e-commerce business is to make money without being stuck in a single location. Our new cost-effective WooCommerce Xero plugin makes that mission so much easier.

Pricing of the WooCommerce Xero Integration OPMC Plugin


We have been a WooCommerce partner and understand what works on the platform and what is better to sell through our private website to online stores like yours. This is a powerful tool that we did not want to price at the same level as what WooCommerce offers because we believe small businesses need all the support they can get to succeed.

Our WordPress plugin is available at the price of $49/year, billed annually. You can learn more about our product details here (link to the sales page). Our goal is to provide you with a powerful tool to make accounting, bookkeeping, and management of your business, eCommerce storefront, or organisation that much easier. When you use our plugin, you free up valuable resources and time from your team members by adding automation to all kinds of tasks like:

Purchase Orders

Bank Reconciliation

New Customers

Inventory Tracking

Bank Accounts

New Credit Notes

Line Items

Sales Channels

New Orders

Automatic Creation of Invoices

Order Management

Financial Reporting

Sales Invoices

Order Status

and More

Getting Started with the Xero Plugin


The future of online business is automation. We know how busy people get trying to manage their online platforms, and that is why Xero and WooCommerce are such popular choices for managing everything from tax codes to product information.

As more companies move to digital transformation to automate their processes and sales channels, you do not want to be left behind. The competitive advantage of the current marketplace requires companies to shift their systems to data management and digital solutions that make everything easier while lowering the chance of errors.

That is exactly what OPMC of Australia offers, a chance to accelerate your small business growth with a powerful WooCommerce Xero integration plugin that saves you time and money. Everything can be operating in the background while you spend your time finding new products to sell and driving more leads to your landing pages.

We have spent years understanding the challenges and goals of our business owner clients because we are a small business as well. We know the importance of getting reliable WooCommerce sales data and automating as much as possible to reduce the complexity of our business operations. So sign up today and give our new Xero plugin for WooCommerce a trial. You’ll immediately begin to see the value this new tool brings to your e-commerce platform.


Let's Start Together!

We are confident in our plugin and offer 30-day money-back guarantee with one year of updates and support!