WooCommerce and Dropshipping plugin – New and Improved Version 4.2

OPMC’s WooCommerce and Dropshipping plugin has had a new update! Read along to learn more about how Dropshipping version 4.2 may provide what your looking for.



Bug Fix – Wrong Text Domain in Supplier’s Email Notification


Some texts in the supplier’s email notification don’t have correct text-domain for table headings. We have updated our code so that text domains are as appropriate.



Mark Order as Shipped Order Status 


When selecting option “Mark order as shipped” in the supplier’s email, although “shipping info” is confirmed, it’s status is not updated in order.



Missing Selected Data in Packing slips (Header)


The options below found in Packing Slips > Header section;


  • Show order date beside order number
  • Chosen Shipping Method Label


Are not showing in the supplier’s email. This has been solved in Dropshipping version 4.2.



Show company name in Shipping Address of Packing Slip


Option in plugin settings page to show customers company name in the Shipping Address part of the packing slip. This can be enabled or disabled based on your preference. 



Add a filter by supplier in order page


A new “filter by supplier” feature has been added in the merchant/dropshipper order page. 



To see these change made, Update your plugin for more.


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