Disability VAT Exemption Version 1.5 is Out Now!


Disability VAT Exemption Version 1.5 has added a settings option that allows customers to change the field labels. Our customers who want to change our current default field label in the plugin now will have an option in the settings to change this.


Update your Disability VAT Exemption plugin to access this feature.


Want to know more about Disability VAT Exemption plugin?

The UK, European Union and many other countries worldwide offer VAT relief to customers with disability or charities as long as they declare on the point of sale. Same goes for online businesses. Based on that we have curated a plugin for WooCommerce store owners who are selling products and providing relief to such customers.

Disability VAT exemption for WooCommerce is perfect for online stores selling products to customers with disabilities or charities that are exempt from VAT. This will also allow you to enable eligible products for VAT relief individually. These enabled products provide customers a declaration form on checkout to get VAT exemption that will be attached to their order for record.


Update your plugin to WooCommerce Disability VAT Exemption Version 1.5 today!


If you are new and looking for VAT relief for your customers with disabilities or charities on your WooCommerce store, see our WooCommerce Disability VAT Exemption plugin and activate it today!


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