7 Ways to Build Positive Ecommerce Karma with Your Customers

The world of ecommerce can feel a little bland. Between the endless ads and faceless organisations popping up left and right, consumers are left with a real challenge to find authentic brands that align with their personal values. No one is expecting your team to integrate best practices that would make you seem like the 0.001% of brands that can do anything. However, if you want to improve conversion rates, you need a way to stand out from the competition and directly appeal to your target audience.An excellent way to improve your ecommerce website’s reputation is to have good karma.

Why Does Good Karma Matter?

Good karma isn’t just a philosophical concept; it’s business smart. Don’t worry. We aren’t really talking about karma in the metaphysical sense. This is just a fun buzzword to hook your attention – and guess what? It worked!

What we mean by good karma is a positive brand association with your audience that creates higher customer lifetime value. It is the key to building word-of-mouth marketing and one of the easiest ways to attract new customers. 

This is also known as emotional selling. You are arousing emotions in prospective customers by appealing to their better natures. Yes, it works! When you can give your brand the authentic appearance of good nature that aligns with the goals and needs of your clients, you will drive sales just as much as brand loyalty. 

How to Build Good Feelings for Your Ecommerce Brand

1 – Treat Every Customer Like a King

Royalty treatment isn’t reserved for monarchs! Offer top-notch service, listen actively, and prioritise customer satisfaction. Remember, a satisfied customer doesn’t just return. They are going to bring their friends. 

Personalise your content to your individual users through automated processes. Feature your customers on your social media. And go the extra mile. For example, add a handwritten note in your delivery thanking them for their purchase. 

2 – Add Joy to Your Content Posts

Joy is contagious. Infuse your marketing campaign posts with positivity, humour, and delight. It’s an effective way to stand out in an overloaded feed and make your brand memorable.

Think about how much negative news we digest on a daily basis. Everything from murder to global weather events where thousands lose their homes plagues our minds. When your brand is that mental breath of fresh air, you are likely to get way more engagement. 

3 – Pay Success Forward

Did you make a milestone sale? Celebrate by supporting budding brands, influencers, or creators in your niche. A spotlight on them today could mean a collaborative partnership tomorrow. Plus, it showcases your brand as supportive and community-minded.

The same is true for your customers. Never forget the people that got you where you are. If you have a massive spike in sales, share the wealth by offering loyal customers discounts, private promotions, or thanking them directly by name on your social media accounts. 

4 – Donate Products to Fundraisers

Giving back is the cornerstone of good karma. Donating some of your products to charity fundraisers not only aids a good cause but also introduces your brand to potential customers in a light of generosity.

You don’t need to overly showcase that your products are featured in a fundraiser. Instead, promote the fundraiser itself and subtly mention that you are taking part in this event and hope others will engage or contribute as well. Be sure to tag the fundraiser’s intended target and organiser first. 

5 – Give Some Proceeds to Charity

Dedicate a portion of your sales to a cause you believe in. This gesture not only builds good customer relationships but also underscores the values your ecommerce business stands for.

Do you make durable boots? Maybe donate a portion of the profits to a veteran’s organisation. Do you make organic socks? Give 1% of every sale to homeless shelters. If you can make this local to where you are based, so much the better. 

6 – Engage in the Local Community

Digital doesn’t mean detached. Organise or participate in local events, workshops, or pop-ups. It grounds your brand in the community and bridges the online and offline worlds.

There is something magical about seeing your ecommerce brand on the jerseys of a local kids’ sports team. You could also participate in local park cleanups, food banks, community events, and more. It’s all about showing you put your money where your brand’s mouth is.

7 – Participate in a Responsible Social Cause

Pick a cause that aligns with your brand values. Whether it’s environmental conservation, education, or health, showing that your brand cares about more than just sales deepens the bond with your customers.

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at the list and roll some dice. Odds are, you will find something that directly relates to your brand and resonates with your team. The more passion you have for the cause, the more it will authentically show on your website, emails, and social media. 

  • Climate Change & Environmental Conservation
  • Human Rights
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Homelessness
  • Hunger & Food Security
  • Access to Clean Water
  • Animal Rights & Cruelty Prevention
  • Child Welfare
  • Women’s Rights
  • LGBTQ+ Rights


The heart of your ecommerce business is your customers. Celebrate their stories, feature their testimonials, and spotlight their journeys with your brand. You can expect higher engagement across all your platforms as you build out good feelings about what you do and the products you sell. This is an excellent way to improve your sales and brand authority. 

Speaking of which, don’t miss out on our Live Sales Map for WooCommerce plugin. Enhance your sales strategy by watching, in real-time, how your marketing efforts shift with this add-on. You can see where sales grow, what areas are purchasing more items, and more directly related to organic UGC on social media, announcing a new social movement initiative, and other good karma ideas we’ve posted above. 

Don’t overthink this idea. Authenticity is the name of the game, and your customers want that good feeling every time they shop on your ecommerce website or receive a package with your branded logo. It’s a small effort that can have massive potential results. 


How do I make my brand more likable?

Being genuine, transparent, and value-driven is vital. Think about how you want the brands you shop with to treat you and pass those ideas on to your customers. They will appreciate the extra effort that sets you apart from competitors.

What are the six feelings that sell?

Emotions play a pivotal role in purchasing decisions. The six feelings that often drive sales are: fear, anger, joy, sadness, disgust, and surprise. We like to flip that on its head and focus on the good feelings inside joy that build brand authority. Those are: trust, comfort, happiness, desire, validation, and belonging.

What is the role of emotion in branding?

Emotion is the undercurrent that drives brand loyalty and decisions. Maybe you feel left out of the conversation (FOMO) and purchase to belong. Or the altruistic feeling of helping others through a social initiative perks your interest. Then there is the simple joy of receiving your package in the mail after waiting a couple of weeks. Emotions play a massive role in how you brand your ecommerce business.


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