9 Reasons Your Ecommerce Store Should Sell Eco-Friendly Products

Close your eyes and picture your online store five years from now. Can you see an increase in the swarm of potential customers eager to explore your brand’s product line? If not, it might be time to alter your business canvas.

In an age where conscious consumption and sustainable supply chains have become the new normal, carving an eco-friendly brand can change the game for your WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, or Shopify online store.

Selling eco-friendly products is a terrific way to not only reduce your business’s carbon footprint but also to bring in a new wave of customer base. The green revolution is not just a trend. It is the future of the retail landscape.

If you want to expand your brand’s image into the online realm, you need a solid competitive advantage. A great way to start building that online voice while also demonstrating your commitment to sustainability is through selling eco-friendly products.

What Does Eco-Friendly Mean?

Before we dive into the reasons, let’s clarify what we mean by eco-friendly. An eco-friendly product is designed to cause minimal harm to the environment.

This could mean they’re sustainably sourced, minimize waste, conserve energy, are biodegradable, or don’t deplete natural resources. It’s not just about the products themselves, but the entire process of producing, packaging, and distributing them.

And as we go through the reasons, you’ll learn how leveraging this ‘green’ ethos through custom ecommerce plugins & app integrations can drive sales, reputation, and loyalty for your online business.

A quick tip to help you in your journey is to include sustainable packaging for your eco-friendly products. That is a fantastic marketing angle that improves your brand loyalty with target consumers looking for greener options.

Top Reasons to Sell Eco-Friendly Products

#1 – Attract a Younger Crowd

The new generation of online shoppers is driven by an ideology of conscious consumption, a desire to make purchases that have minimal negative impact on the environment. Younger demographics are not just potential customers.

These are the much-needed potential eco-ambassadors for your brand. According to a study from BusinessWire, 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly brands. This statistic highlights the lucrative market potential for businesses ready to invest in eco-friendly products.

#2 – Builds a More Unique Brand

When your online store sells eco-friendly products, you’re selling more than just merchandise—you’re selling a story, a cause, a commitment.

In the crowded digital marketplace, this green alignment gives your brand a distinct identity, setting you apart from your competitors. It also allows for more authentic interactions with your customers, building a genuine connection and creating a loyal customer base.

#3 – Demonstrates Social Responsibility

By choosing to sell sustainable products, your business transcends the typical profit-centric model to become a beacon of social responsibility. It shows potential customers that you care about the bigger picture.

Your brand is synonymous with improving the health of the planet. This strategic move helps build a powerful bond of trust and loyalty with customers who appreciate brands that align with their values.

#4 – Hitting a Trending Sales Point

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. This is a philosophy and an accelerating trend that’s set to redefine the ecommerce landscape.

Stern School of Business revealed that products marketed as sustainable grew 2.7x faster than those that were not. By infusing sustainability into your sales strategy, you set your online store up for a successful future.

#5 – Create Less Global Waste

Choosing to offer eco-friendly products helps reduce global waste, a concern that is growing increasingly prominent in our world. By taking measures to ensure your products and packaging are eco-friendly, you’re contributing to a global solution, making your business part of a solution-oriented narrative that appeals to modern consumers.

#6 – Keeps Up with Changing Regulations

As environmental concerns gain global attention, governments worldwide are introducing stricter regulations on sustainability and waste management. By making a proactive choice to sell eco-friendly products, you future-proof your business, ensuring it can easily adapt to any regulatory changes or new environmental standards.

#7 – Remain Competitive in an Innovative Marketplace

The online marketplace is characterized by fierce competition, and standing out is crucial. Embracing the sustainability trend not only gives you a competitive edge, but also fuels innovation. You’re forced to rethink product design, packaging, and supply chain management, often leading to more efficient, creative solutions.

#8 – Opens Up Access to “Green Funding”

An often-overlooked advantage of going green is the potential to access specialized funding. Numerous government schemes and private investors now offer financial incentives to businesses that prioritize sustainability. So, becoming eco-friendly can also bring monetary benefits to your business.

#9 – Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

Eco-friendly products often go hand-in-hand with healthier lifestyle choices. For instance, organic food reduces exposure to chemicals, and eco-friendly clothing is softer on the skin and devoid of harmful dyes.

Aligning your brand with this health-conscious mindset can attract customers looking to make lifestyle improvements, offering a significant selling point.

Answer All Your Clients Sustainability Questions

At OPMC, we want to empower your business with the crucial technologies, platforms, and enhancements sure to expand your brand market reach and drive online business efficiency. One such tool is our Customer Support for WooCommerce. This will improve purchasing conversions due to the support of 24/7 customer service.

With our plugin, you get a platform that answers any questions from customers at any hour of the day across the global time map.

So, if a client in Saudi Arabia wants to know more about your organic bath wash or a potential customer in Hawaii is interested in the naturally sourced jerky you’re selling, they can get the answers needed without you waking up from a nap.


Are eco-friendly products more expensive?

Not necessarily. While some eco-friendly products may have a higher upfront cost due to sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes, many are competitively priced. Plus, they often last longer, providing better value for money in the long run.

Are products claiming to be eco-friendly real, or is this “greenwashing”?

If you want to ensure your customers have trust in your claims of eco-friendly practices, couple up with organizations or certifications that back up your copy. That is also an excellent way to network with other businesses that may offer complementary or upsell products to expand your operation.

Won’t I get pushback for being too modern? 

Online business is all about targeting those customers who will make a purchase. You likely won’t make a sale if you target people who don’t want eco-friendly products. Focus on the right demographics, and nothing else will matter.

Step into the Green Future of Ecommerce

With the ever-increasing interest in sustainable products, making your online business eco-friendly isn’t just about saving the planet. It’s about boosting your bottom line. A greener approach is more than a trend.

This will be the future of ecommerce. With customers increasingly willing to pay more for products from eco-friendly brands, there’s no better time to make the switch.

As experts in managing and growing online businesses, OPMC can help you embrace this change. With our custom ecommerce plugin & app integrations for WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify, we can help you transition to a sustainable business model smoothly and efficiently.

Ready to redefine your online business with a greener approach? Contact OPMC today for powerful ecommerce solutions designed for the future. Your customers—and the planet—will thank you.

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