5 Reasons Why Exceptional Customer Support is the Key to E-commerce Success!

More than 90% of American shoppers rely on quality customer service as a critical decision-maker when selecting products. Customer support is the most crucial aspect of running a successful e-commerce business. In fact, customer support can make or break your business.

That’s why having a robust customer support system in place for your WooCommerce site is important. You’re looking for that critical advantage that can differentiate your brand, your products, and your consumers from the rest. It’s all about creating the most rewarding and pain-free shopping experience possible. That’s where ecommerce businesses rapidly explode in sales!

What is Customer Support in Today’s Age?

Customer support has become a critical part of any business. In today’s age, customers can interact with brands in many ways: live chat, phone, and email are all available 24/7.

In addition to these traditional channels of communication, there are also social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook where companies can provide customer support. Customer service is also offered through more informal means like forums and review sites like Trustpilot or Yelp.

It doesn’t take a massive investment to get started either. Plenty of automation tools and custom plugins for your ecommerce platform ensure you provide as much support as necessary for every customer you get.

Enough of that. Let’s move on to why you need quality customer support in your ecommerce website.

5 Reasons for Robust Customer Support

1 – Helps Your Online Business Retain Customers

The first reason why exceptional customer support is the key to e-commerce success is that it helps you retain customers. Investing in new customers can cost between 5% and 25% more than retaining existing ones.

Customer retention is a key metric for any business, but especially so for ecommerce stores because it’s so easy for customers to shop elsewhere when they’re unhappy with the way your business treats them. If your support team isn’t there when people need them, then you’re likely going to lose those customers forever.

A good support team will help keep customers happy by solving problems quickly and efficiently. That directly translates into less time spent on calls or emails, more time doing what matters most – selling!

2 – Builds Incredible Brand Loyalty with Consumers

The second reason why exceptional customer support is the key to ecommerce success is that it builds incredible brand loyalty with consumers. Roughly 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive experience with a brand’s customer service team.

You see when you provide excellent customer service, you are building trust in your brand. Trust is everything when it comes to selling online. If people don’t trust you or your business, they won’t buy from you again, and they probably won’t recommend your products or services either.

Customers who receive good support are also more likely to give positive reviews on social media and more likely to purchase from you again in the future. That user-generated content is digital gold!

3 – Increases Your Potential Revenue Streams

In addition to improving the customer experience, exceptional support can also have a positive impact on your revenue streams. Over 94% of consumers are likely to give a company a “very good” rating and recommend them to a friend based on good customer service. That means more sales.

When customers have a positive experience with your brand and feel confident in their purchases, they’re more likely to buy again and tell others about you. This is especially true if you offer returning customers free shipping or other incentives.

If a customer has an issue with their purchase and needs help resolving it, then this could be an opportunity for you as well. You can turn one unhappy customer into two happy ones by providing excellent service during this interaction.

The better job you do at resolving their issue(s), the more likely they’ll recommend your business again later on down the road when someone else asks them where they got something similar from before.

4 – Improves Your Brand Reputation

As a business owner, you want your customers to have a positive experience whenever they interact with your brand. This can be achieved by providing exceptional customer support and ensuring their questions are answered quickly and efficiently.

When customers feel valued by the company they’re purchasing from, it creates an emotional connection between them and the brand. This is especially true if that individual has had an excellent experience with their interactions with customer service agents who have gone above and beyond expectations.

In addition to improving satisfaction ratings overall, this type of positive word-of-mouth marketing will also help increase your brand’s value to other online customers.

5 – Gives You a Great Competitive Edge

Customer service is the new marketing. Customer service is the new SEO. Customer service is the new advertising. Customer service is the new sales, and customer service is also social media.

Exceptional customer support gives you a substantial competitive edge in today’s ecommerce world because it allows you to stand out from your competitors in a crowded space while simultaneously providing value to customers looking for an online shopping experience that goes beyond just price and convenience.

Boost Your Customer Support with Our WooCommerce Plugin

If you’re looking for ways to improve your customer support, we have a solution that could help. Our WooCommerce Plugin offers live chat and other features to give your customers a better experience.

We know that exceptional customer service isn’t just about answering questions. It’s also about making sure they feel valued at every step of the way.

That’s why we’ve designed our WooCommerce Plugin with features to ensure your customers can get their questions answered, guidance on making a purchase, and consistent contact that makes for a personalized experience. Visit our store today and download our Customer Support for WooCommerce plugin!


The ecommerce industry is constantly evolving. Today, it’s more competitive than ever, and retailers are looking for ways to stand out. One of the best ways to do this is by offering exceptional customer support.

Find a way to connect with your customers on a personal level that addresses their needs, and you’ll watch your sales skyrocket!

Visit our store today!

Get a powerful boost to your security, customer support, inventory management, and more…


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