Windcave for WooCommerce

$79.00 / year

Download the plugin to enable Windcave (formerly Payment Express) on your WooCommerce store. For installation and configuration options, please see the plugin’s documentation.

Buying PxPay also gives you access to 1 year of premium support and updates.

Accept payments via Windcave (formerly Payment Express) and remove the risk and burden of security from your site. It allows your customers to pay securely.

Windcave for WooCommerce



PxPay allows your customers to pay securely via Windcave

Version 4.0 Now Available – Major upgrade

New version of Windcave for WoocCommerce is a major upgrade and now includes WooCommerce Subscription support!

Windcave plugin will give you peace of mind in terms of online security and payment options because it connects your WooCommerce store to Windcave’s Payment Gateway.

If you don’t want to worry about SSL certificates, credit card security and so forth, why not pass on that burden over to a specialist? PxPay allows you to do exactly that – remove the risk and burden of security from your site to DPS’ Payment Express Gateway.

With PxPay, whenever your customers check out, they will be taken off-site to DPS’ Windcave platform where the credit card transaction will be handled securely.

Windcave (formerly Payment Express) is a Visa and MasterCard certified solution, developed by DPS, which facilitates electronic payments seamlessly from multiple access points.

All you have to do is install the plugin then PxPay will link your WooCommerce to Windcave. Then simply request “PxPay” credentials from Windcave. There is no extra charge for this and your payment system is ready to go.

Key Features

Windcave key features

Off-site checkout

Protect your customers by letting them pay by Windcave’s secure off-site payment portal. Windcave takes users off-site to enter their credit card information. The payment is processed quickly and securely, giving your customers a convenient, risk-free payment experience.

  • Keep your customers information secure thanks to Windcave’s highly secure payment process.
  • Save security costs by leaving secure transactions to DPS.
  • Increase conversions by offering customers a fast, simple and secure checkout process.

Windcave off-site checkout

Redirect customers after payment

Send customers back to your website after a successful payment through Windcave. Set a Success URL (for successfully completed payments) and a Failed URL (for payments that couldn’t be processed) within the plugin’s settings.

Easy installation

Setting up Windcave is as simple as signing up for an account and entering the API information into the plugin’s settings. Once completed, the payment gateway should be fully functional. For more information, see the plugin documentation.

1 year of premium support

When you purchase this plugin, you will gain access to a year of great customer support. Our support team are always ready to help you with any problems you have. Whether it is setting up Windcave, troubleshooting errors or general queries about the plugin.



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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Click “View Documentation” to see detailed instructions on how to install and set up (with screenshots).

At, we want to ensure that you are 100% happy with your purchase.

  • If you have technical or sales queries, do not hesitate get in touch with us
  • If after you attempted to resolve issues with Support staff and feel the product(s) you purchased does/do not the best fit your requirements, we want to make things right.

Our policy offers a full refund within 30 days of your date of purchase. We’d love to know what went wrong and how we can improve, so please include details about the reason for your refund request if you reach out to us directly. and our payment process submit the refund immediately and make every attempt to process the refund as quickly as possible. Your financial institution can take up to 20 days for the refund to reflect in your bank account/card.

Windcave (formerly Payment Express) is a certified Visa and MasterCard solution that facilitates electronic payments from multiple access points for your WooCommerce store.


  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go toWordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Activate the extension.
More information at: Installing and Managing Plugins.

Sign up with Payment Express

  1. Go to the Windcave website and sign up for an account at:
  2. Wait for Sales to contact you with an answer on activation.
  3. Request PxPay credentials if the email you received doesn’t already contain them. Specifically you need:
    • PxPay Access URL
    • PxPay User ID
    • Access Key
There is no charge to sign up or request credentials.

Setup and Configuration

  1. Go toWooCommerce > Settings > Payments
  2. Scroll to Windcave – Payment Express and click  Manage
  3. Check checkbox to Enable Windcave.
  4. Check Redirect to order info page to view order information just before actual redirect to Windcave page.
  5. Enter Title shown to customers in checkout. Default is Payment Express; can be Credit Card or whatever you wish.
  6. Enter Description shown to explain Title.
  1. Enter a name (e.g., your business) or a URL (e.g., your website/online store) for Merchant Reference.
  2. Enter Px Credentials obtained when you signed up with Payment Express.
  • Px-Pay Access URL
  • Px-Pay User
  • Px-Pay Password
  1. Enter URLs of landing pages you prefer when transactions succeed and fail. Can be the same or different pages.
  • Success URL
  • Failed URL
  1. Save changes.
PX Pay Success and failure urls

Test Mode

  1. Log into your Payment Express account.
  2. Request testing credentials.
  3. Enter info at WooCommerce > Checkout > Payment Express.
  4. Save changes.
  5. Use the Windcave eCommerce Testing Details.
When finished, go back to WooCommerce > Checkout > Payment Express and re-input your live account info from step 6 in Setup and Configuration.


Encountering an error while attempting to create a refund using the payment gateway API?

In such case, Goto WooCommerce > Settings > Payments and enter valid PxPost credentials in addition to PxPay under PxPost Settings head and save changes. You will need to arrange PxPost credentials with Windcave. (These are different to your PxPay credentials). Once configured, you will be able to successfully execute refund process via Windcave.

Questions & Support

Have a question before you buy? Please fill out this pre-sales form. Already purchased and need some assistance? Get in touch the developer via the Help Desk.
By purchasing this product, you will be able to gain access to a downloadable .zip file. This file can be installed on WordPress, enabling PxPay on your WordPress website. When you purchase this plugin, you are assigned an account and license key. This gives you access to one year of premium support and updates.  

Basic Setup:

  1. Purchase the PxPay WordPress plugin to get started.
  2. Download the .zip file to your device.
  3. On your website, go toWordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  4. Activate the plugin in Plugins > Installed Plugins.
If you have a question about our Windcave plugin, please feel free to contact our support team. Plugin Documentation


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Windcave for WooCommerce
$79.00 / year