MYOB API Limitations – Invoice syncing Issues – Resolved in Version 3.7

MYOB API Limitations – Invoice syncing Issues – Resolved in MYOB Integration Version 3.7

Invoice numbers fail to sync error due to MYOB API limitations now requiring an Allow MYOB to set the Invoice Number setting. When MYOB Integration for WooCommerce creates MYOB orders and invoices in AccountRight based on your WooCommerce orders, they need an optional invoice number. By default, this setting will be enabled.

However, when you disable the setting, the invoice number will be the combination of the prefix you have set in the Invoice Display ID Prefix and the WooCommerce order number.

Note: Please be very careful while disabling this as MYOB API allows one method sync for invoice numbers. Once this is disabled, you won’t be able to enable it again. In other words, if you choose to un-check this and allow WooCommerce to set the invoice numbers, it cannot be reverted to allow MYOB to set invoice numbers, due to MYOB API limitation which we cannot change.


MYOB API Limitations - Invoice syncing Issue

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