WooCommerce Anti-Fraud version 4.4 – Major update

Our Anti-Fraud plugin has had a new update packed with new features and bug fixes for more optimal performance. See below for the recent changes made to OPMC’s WooCommerce anti-fraud version 4.4.


New Feature

Cancel and reschedule fraud checks

We have added a new feature that gives merchants the ability to cancel manual fraud checks and re-run the fraud check when needed. 


Bug fixes

JavaScript still loading when reCaptcha option is disabled

JavaScript files still load when reCaptcha option is disabled. JavaScript reCaptcha files should only be enqueued when the reCaptcha option is enabled and at the checkout page only. This has now been resolved in Anti-Fraud version 4.4 so that JavaScript files load according to user settings.


Subscription orders flagged exception 

“Detect multiple orders from the same IP address” flag coming up on auto renewal subscription orders has a new solution that ensures “IP address ordered with multiple order details in the past 30 days” rule does not flag subscription orders.


Settings preserved on plugin deactivation and deletion

When deactivating or deleting Anti-Fraud plugin, all saved settings will now be preserved how it was prior to deactivation.


GeoIP Location rule using Maxmind

Our GeoIP Location rule is only functional with Maxmind service so without Maxmind, this rule will not work. Customers are now informed of such.


Orders stuck in queue

Anti-fraud bug fix so that New orders stuck in queue status are checked by plugin correctly.


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