How to Leverage Local SEO Tactics for Your Ecommerce Business

Have you ever wandered the streets looking for the best coffee in town, only to resort to searching “best coffee near me” on your mobile device? You’re not alone. In fact, approximately 46% of all searches are sprinkled with a touch of locality.

Just imagine if your ecommerce store popped up whenever someone made such a local search for custom cat clothing, spare speaker parts, or the latest high-end drone on the market. 

Now, stop imagining and start reading, because this is your complete guide on leveraging the power of local SEO to transform your ecommerce business into a local superstar.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy to improve your business’s visibility for location-based search queries. To put it simply, this is where you target all your marketing efforts into one geographic area. Maybe it’s Los Angeles for surf gear or Alaska for winter coats. 

Think of local SEO efforts as a bridge connecting local businesses to potential customers searching for their products or services in a specific area. Remember that astounding 97% of people who look for local businesses online? Well, a solid regional SEO strategy ensures they find YOU.

Top Tactics for Boosting Local SEO

#1 – Sign Up for Local Directories 

The first step to any local SEO strategy? Ensure your business is listed in all the relevant online directories. Google My Business is the granddaddy of them all, but don’t forget platforms like Yelp or even Google Maps, where approximately 86% of people search for business locations.

Don’t overthink this step. Stick to the online places where you search the most for your own needs. A great starting point is to list a coupon on Groupon that targets users in your area.

#2 – Integrate Strong Local SEO Keywords & Phrases

Keywords are the lifeblood of search engines. When crafting content for your website or social media, use phrases that resonate with your local audience.

For example, “artisanal shoes in Melbourne” can be more effective than just “shoes online.” The same is true for events tied to your business.

If you have a “First Night in Conway, NH” event, be sure to include that on any promotions you are running for your product descriptions of warm hats in New England. 

#3 – Build Your Reputation with Local Authority Backlinks

Backlinks from local newspapers or popular community blogs are golden. They not only boost your credibility but also enhance your presence in search engine results.

This can even be the blogger that searches the gravestones in New Orleans for famous people. Anything that has unique page authority in Google search results and is willing to link to your business is going to be a feather in your digital cap. 

#4 – Create Social Media Content Focused on Local Events & Themes

Got a sale during the local carnival? Promoting products for a nearby festival? Sharing such localized content makes you relatable and reinforces your community presence.

Leverage locally based UGC (user-generated content) based on location tags and hashtags in your area. You never know when a picture of a puppy in your nearby park can lead to massive returns for your organic collars. 

#5 – Collect Customer Feedback from Your Area

Online reviews act as powerful endorsements. Encourage happy customers to leave reviews and always respond positively to feedback. It’s a great way to show you’re engaged and care about your community.

Don’t be afraid to “take it on the chin” a little. Being a local favourite requires you to get down and dirty with everyone else because they are vetting you to ensure you serve their needs. 

#6 – Target Digital Ads to Local Geographic Locations

Optimize your ad budget by targeting local searches. For instance, ads targeting “winter wear in Alaska” during winter months can provide a higher ROI than general ads.

This is available on pretty much every form of ad system you want to leverage. From Facebook to TikTok to Google and more, you should be able to segment your ads toward geo-based consumers. 

#7 – Partner with Local Teams, Non-Profits, & Causes

Show you care by supporting local initiatives. This not only boosts your reputation but can also increase your visibility through shared promotions. When you do this, don’t be modest.

Put photos of you hanging out with the local soccer team wearing your jersey with your business name plastered right on the back. 

#8 – Use Referral & Affiliate Programs

Encourage local customers to refer friends and family. This word-of-mouth strategy can skyrocket your local sales. Even better, if you can run programs where schools and local organizations serving unique segments like kids or pets can get a percentage of sales, you’ll do way better. 

#9 – Don’t Forget Local Microinfluencers

Local influencers have a tight-knit community following. Partnering with them can place your brand right in the hearts of potential customers. Look on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. You may be surprised that a local jewellery store owner has a 15K followership and is willing to partner with your ecommerce brand. 

Boost Your Customer Support

Excellent customer support is a game-changer, especially for an ecommerce business. Remember, even in the digital age, word-of-mouth matters, and it spreads fast. Enhance your customer support with OPMC’s WooCommerce Customer Support plugin. 

Not only will it ensure seamless support but, by being tailored for local businesses, it further strengthens your local SEO strategy. It’s the perfect tool to bridge the gap between global reach and local touch by leveraging 24/7 live chat support. 


The exponential surge in ‘near me’ searches in 2020 underscores the growing importance of local SEO. When potential customers search for products or services you offer, the best way to ensure they find you is by optimizing for local searches. 

The journey might seem daunting, but with the right tactics and tools, like the WooCommerce plugins offered by OPMC, you’re set for local stardom. So, what’s stopping you? Dive into the world of local SEO and watch your ecommerce store shine in the local limelight!

Ready to supercharge your customer support for local clients? Connect with OPMC for a premium WooCommerce customer support plugin.

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