9 Tips to Grow Your Ecommerce Brand’s Instagram Following

Ready for this? Over 130 million people engage with shoppable Instagram posts on a monthly basis. If you think for a second that the image-heavy social media platform is losing popularity, you are sorely mistaken. Instagram provides way more than the latest cute puppy pictures we all seem to love. This is a feature-rich pathway to connect with your high-valued customers directly. Elevating your brand by getting on this platform and speaking to your target audience is a win-win. Let’s explore how a branded Instagram account can help increase your sales.

Why is Instagram Great for Ecommerce?

Instagram has fantastic features, from shoppable posts to direct checkout and more, that increase your brand awareness just as much as your authority. You increase trust and authority when you can share relatable content about your ecommerce brand. 

Then, there is another straightforward way for consumers to enjoy your products. Instagram users love Instagram shopping. Roughly 90% of users follow at least one favoured brand on Instagram. They want that visceral connection into the digital window shopping that takes place 24/7. So, if you want to increase sales, you need to increase your Instagram following. 

Growing Your Instagram Following

1 – Start Using Reels

This feature is fresh, exciting, and the new darling of the social media platform. Reels are designed to allow you to craft short, snazzy videos that showcase your products or the story behind them. It’s a magnet for younger Instagram followers looking for fun content.

A fantastic study of 77.6 million Instagram posts showed Reels have the highest estimated reach over any other form of content on the platform. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Stick to shorter videos and watch your following soar. 

2 – Optimise Your Brand’s Profile

First impressions count. Ensure your bio is crisp, speaks directly to your target audience, and shares your brand’s USP. Don’t worry. This doesn’t take a master’s degree in marketing to achieve. Start by: 

  • Including keywords relevant to your offerings in your description, content, and bio.
  • Make sure there is a link to direct traffic back to your store in your profile.
  • Make your brand profile public. 
  • Have a colourful, easy-to-view profile image. 
  • Register your Instagram business account. 

3 – Partner with Other Accounts

Collaboration is the spice of life on social media platforms. Connect with accounts that complement your brand. Ones with audiences that can benefit from what you offer. A shared shoutout can introduce you to tons of new potential customers.

A great way to do this is with micro-influencers. These are Instagram accounts with fewer than 10,000 followers that will be less expensive than someone with millions of followers. They will be eager to swap content, share links, and promote your ecommerce brand.

4 – Consistent Posting

 “Consistency” isn’t just a fancy buzzword. This is your ticket to staying visible. Yes, analytics will help, but your goal is to find out when your audience is most active, and post accordingly. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget the power of hashtags. You want to use a “branded” hashtag in your profile as well as 5-15 tags in every single post. Be sure to make them relevant, and try to use a generator so you blend hard, medium, and easy-to-compete tags. A great starting point would be the free generator from Hootsuite

5 – Engage with Competitor’s Followers

The Instagram users engaging with your competitors are gold mines. Engage with them—like, comment, and provide value. This isn’t about poaching, but about creating visibility for those already interested in your niche.

You can do this subtlety or slide right into their DMs. Try following these users first, then maybe make a comment on their posts or tag them in your own content and see what happens. 

6 – Use Location Tags

Whether you’re local or global, location tags make you discoverable. Hosting a pop-up shop in Los Angeles? Use the tag! Launching in London? Tag it!

This isn’t just for the people living in that area. Many Instagram users will search the location tags of places they want to visit or are interested in following. This is simply one more method to boost your account reputation and target a niche market area based on high-yield demographics. 

7 – Leverage Instagram Stories & Highlights

Instagram stories are where honest conversations happen. While TikTok has made this feature a little more competitive, it is still incredibly vibrant and directly attaches you to individual customers. 

Use Stories for promotions, behind-the-scenes looks, and feedback. The cherry on top? Highlights. Archive your best stories for newcomers to binge quickly and get a good overview of who you are, what you provide, how your products help, and where they can make a purchase. 

8 – Share UGC

We have suggested this one strategy in so many articles because it never ceases to work. User Generated Content (UGC) is the warm hug your brand needs. When customers share their experiences, repost! It’s authentic, trust-building, and shows you value your community.

There is no better way to connect with more potential customers than to share their experiences with your brand. It makes you relatable and shows you are active on the platform. You’ll gain more followers just because they want the chance to be featured on your account. 

9 – Cross Promote Your Handle Everywhere

Your Instagram account isn’t an island. Cross-promote on other social media platforms, email signatures, your ecommerce website, and even packaging. The more visible, the better.

This is where you need to bury your assumptions. Don’t miss an opportunity to increase visibility with your brand and Instagram account. You never know when putting your handle on an email will lead to a massive boost in followers. 

No matter what, don’t purchase followers. Buying followers might boost numbers, but it harms engagement and authenticity. Organic growth ensures genuine interactions and a community that genuinely cares. Plus, you won’t get dinged by Instagram’s internal algorithm for sudden changes in your profile. 


Whew! The path to Instagram glory might seem filled with turns and hurdles, but with the right strategy, the journey can be as fulfilling as the destination.

The goal should be getting to your first 1,000 followers. Once you have roped in that amount, it’s time to optimise your ecommerce website for the increase in sales numbers. That is much easier when you use our Customer Support for WooCommerce plugin.

This way, you can have 24/7 live chat features ready to go, so when you convert leads from Instagram to your website, they will get all their questions answered to make a purchase.


Can you still grow a following on Instagram?

Absolutely! It takes consistent work and a little bit of creativity, but with a solid Instagram strategy, you can quickly grow a solid following that converts to ecommerce sales.

Why is my Instagram not reaching anyone?

It may seem like you’re not getting traction, but have you reviewed our list? Start with our tips and then focus on your content. No matter what, you want highly engaging content that relates directly to what your audience wants to view.

How to get noticed on Instagram?

Engage, engage, and engage some more! Consistency in posting and building an online community where you are an active participant are the surefire ways to get noticed on Instagram.

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