Customer Support Version 1.5 Updated Features – Introducing Internal Chat for Support

Customer service and WooCommerce plugin has had some exciting new features added, most notably our internal chat for support representatives.
See more below about how Customer Support version 1.5 can benefit you and your team:


New Feature – Internal Chats

A new internal chat option for support representatives to only send messages when “Send message by pressing enter” is enabled. This means whenever this box is unchecked, all messages are internal for the support team to see. 


New Feature – Solved Tickets 

Once a ticket is marked as solved customers do not have the facility to further enquire on that ticket. Customers must raise a new ticket for the support they require.


Option to Archive Messages

Messages can now be archived directly by selection, in bulk or on selected dates. For example, last six months, year, etc., so merchants have more space in data. 


Old Chats Not Deleting – Fixed

A small issue where old chat messages would not delete due to cron job conditions has now been fixed in version 1.5. 

NZ Post 4.0 Plugin Extension – ShippingOptions API Update

NZ Post 4.0 Plugin Extension – ShippingOptions API Update

NZ Post V2.0 ShippingOptions API    The long awaited NZ Post plugin update is here! OPMC’s WooCommerce and NZ Post plugin extension - Version 4.0 has now updated its ShippingOptions API to the most recent API available. Update your plugin to access this change. ...