MYOB Integration for WooCommerce Plugin Update Details – Version 3.6

OPMC’s MYOB Integration for WooCommerce plugin has had a new update. Version 3.6 includes manual payments, customer record sync and an invoice status fix. See below for more information. 

Manual Payments elegant solution for MYOB integration for WooCommerce

MYOB Integration for WooCommerce has a new setting for Manual Payments. Useful for merchants to create either an Order or an Invoice in MYOB created according to the Invoice settings.


New customer sync between WooCommerce and MYOB

New customer records that are entered in MYOB will now automatically sync to your WooCommerce store.


Invoice status – Bug fix

“Create Closed Invoices” status changes switch to open instead of closed bug has been resolved in version 3.6.


Want to Know More?

MYOB AccountRight is an accounting tool that is used by businesses all around the world. Our latest WordPress plugin brings the powerful invoicing features of MYOB AccountRight directly into WooCommerce. Download the plugin to integrate and maintain your WooCommerce-powered store account seamlessly with myob. It allows you to automatically create invoices, customers, manage stock, taxes and much more in MYOB AccountRight from your WooCommerce store.

Notable plugin features are as follows:

  • Create invoices automatically into MYOB AccountRight
  • Easily document your taxes, shipping costs and other expenses in one, secure place
  • Automatic respective synchronisation of data between platforms
  • Inventory tracking and maintenance
  • Automatic and manual invoice handling options
  • Tax codes for easy GST handling
  • Detailed customer data and management
  • Analyse sales with customer data- great for determining pain points 😉
  • Manage stock and inventory through invoice count

Upgrade MYOB Integration to the latest version or visit our product page for more information.


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